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Assistance for Veterans Housing and More

Our services are focused on Mental Health Awareness and Treatment, housing, employment, and Advocacy – the pillars for ending Veteran homelessness. Our case managers work with Veterans across Houston to build personalized plans while providing support at each step towards progress. We acknowledge the individual needs and goals of every Veteran and create actions to meet those needs and achieve those goals. Our Vets provides services that goes far beyond just providing transitional  housing but created sustainable opportunities that will empower all Veterans entering into our program.


Our transitional housing programs are designed to quickly help Veterans with temporary housing. Assisting Houston Veterans with temporary will give them the time and confidence to focus on medical needs, and the underlying issues.  In return, it creates the opportunity for successful transition for independent housing and the ability to transition return to gainful employment, continue school, and family environment.


Preparing and Connecting Veterans with Sustainable Job Opportunities

Connecting Veterans with meaningful employment is an essential part of Our Vets Mission and ending Homelessness in Houston.  Our Vets Employment Services collaborates directly with Veterans throughout Houston to access resources tailored specifically to the needs of the Veterans and tailor training programs and find employment opportunities based on needs.


With Our Vets’ strong partnerships and connections throughout the community, we have created a trusted network of businesses and organizations that offers jobs working with homeless Veterans.  Our employment specialist make sure Houston Veterans are prepared for each step by assisting with resume creation or updates, working on employment skills, and much more.  Our Veteran Employment Services are designed to train and support Veterans while establishing real job connections for quick and successful placements.  Importantly, Our Vets focus on sustainable employment opportunities which are full time with paid living wages for all Veterans.

Our Vets employment program members are available to provide individual level so Veterans can receive the assistance they specifically need, including improving their job readiness or connecting with career networking events.


Our Vets Advocacy Program take constructive, positive action on the issue of homelessness and mental Health.   Veteran’s struggles with the stigmatism of mental Health, which is rooted in the fundamental challenges and struggles Veterans face beyond just being homeless.

If you need us to Advocate, attend a court hearing, attend a VA appointment, or just to write an appeal for your disability rating, please contact us.

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Our Vets will provide monthly educational pamphlet to  the public on specific facts that challenge stereotypical views of the causes of mental Health and homelessness.  The intent is to alert the public about mental health and the correlation with homelessness.  The need for investing more money in mental health as the root cause of homelessness.  Advocate for ending the Stigma surrounding mental health and breaking the cycles of  homelessness in Veterans.

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Homeless Veterans need food, healthy and hydrated.  Each week, Our Vets provide a brown bag food pack with nutritious food to homeless Veterans in Houston.  Brown Bag Food Pack is dropped off every Saturday by noon to approximately 40 homeless Veterans.  We collect non-perishable food throughout the week and prepare for distribution on Saturday.  Food is non-perishable such as juice, water, bread, fruits, peanut butter, tuna fish, mayonnaise, and includes high-protein, nutritious, healthy food, and beverages.

We are looking for local donations and contributions.

If you would like to donate food items.  please contact us.

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Our Vets clothes closet is available for homeless Veterans in our transitional home program.   Distributed items such as personal hygiene, socks, apparels are received from local donations.

Your workplace, church, or organization is interested in doing a drive in order to assist our clothes closet, please contact us for details.

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We Care Goody Box is made with lots of Love and distributed to Veterans who are admitted to the mental health ward at the VA Hospital or any Hospital in the Houston, Texas Area.  Our Specialty Care Boxes are filled with personal items specifically for male and females.  (Toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary napkin, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, socks, journal, mini activities, pencil, soft peppermint, lip treatment, and hand sanitizer).

If you would like to send out a “We Care Goody Box to a Special Veteran” please order one today. 


Our Vets Peer Support Mentoring Program serves as listener role model and motivates those who can share their understanding and perspective with fellow Veterans suffering with Mental Illness.  Our Vets goal is for Veterans to feel comfortable speaking with another Veteran and not feeling judged.  It is an opportunity for A Veteran to not feel alone and have someone to identify with a fellow Veteran.  Its all about Veterans Helping Veterans.

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