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Our Vets will open one Headquarters in the Humble, Texas Area in the fall of 2021 that will support the Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. There will be a Transition Home that has the  capacity to serve more than 40 veterans that is in the Vision of Our Vets and with Grants and Funding it will happen for 2022.

We will offer special needs programs at the site, providing services tailored to the specific issues facing certain veteran populations, such as advocacy, the chronically mentally health, and troop returning home from the Military.

Our Vets Transition Home will provide specific programs that will tailor to Veterans and design for those who have been diagnosed with Mental Health issues, at-risk Veterans, and those transitioning back to the workforce.  Our facility will be zero tolerance to drug and alcohol.

We will collaborative efforts with community providers, VA Medical Centers, and Local Government Agencies. We will seek funding for our programs that will provide permanent and long-term transitional housing, residential employment services, case management, substance abuse treatment, and outreach to homeless veterans.  Ultimately, our veterans will successfully transition to permanent housing, and thereby, achieve self-sufficiency.

Advocacy & Education

Our Vets Advocacy and Education Program take constructive, positive action on the issue of homelessness and mental Health  Veteran’s struggles with the stigmatism of mental Health, which is rooted in the fundamental challenges and struggles Veterans face beyond just being homeless.

Mental Health and homelessness are barriers that preclude people from providing assistance to Veterans and giving them a chance of seeing beyond mental illness and homelessness.  Taking constructive, positive action on mental illness and homelessness is what drives the need for this service.

This service intends to

  • Educating various public stakeholders about specific facts that challenge stereotypical views of the causes of mental Health and homelessness.
  • Alerting the public about mental Health and homelessness and the need for investing more funds and resources for Veterans suffering from mental Health
  • Issuing concrete calls to action that support involvement and coordinated solutions that would help eliminate homelessness in our community.

Homeless Prevention

Our Vets will provide homeless prevention services to its residents. These services will allow individuals and families to prioritize their limited income in order to meet their housing needs.

Food Pantry

Each week, Our Vets residents will have the ability to “Shop” at the pantry for their grocery needs. The pantry will be stocked weekly with a variety of food products – meats, dairy products, fresh produce, non-perishable foods, pasta, juice, bread, and much more.
Each recipient will receive a box of food, which will include high-protein, nutritious, healthy food, and beverages. Food is received through a partnership with the Food Bank and local donations.

If your school, workplace, church, or other organization would like to do a drive to assist our clothes closet, please contact us for details.

Clothes Closet

Each week, Our Vet residents will be able to “Shop” at the clothes closet in order to meet their hygiene and apparel needs. The closet will be stocked with clothing, undergarments, coats, shoes, and hygiene items, for men and women. Each recipient may utilize the closet monthly. Distributed items are received through local donations. If your school, workplace, church, or other organization would like to do a drive in order to assist our clothes closet, please contact us for details.

Brown Bag Program

Our Vets will implement starting March 2021 the Brown Bag Program by distributing to Homeless Veterans Healthy Brown Bag Lunch which will include healthy sandwich, chips, fruit, water or juice.  This will be done daily around 12noon.  A total of 100 lunches will be distributed in various locations.

We will be looking for Sponsors to Donate to the Cause


Our Vets will implement starting MAY 2021 the GOODY BOX Program by distributing to the VA Hospital Goody Boxes to the Volunteer Department filled with personnel Items for Patients admitted in the Mental Health Ward.  There will be items specific for female Veterans and Male Veterans.  The Goody Boxes will be filled with items that will make Veterans know that Our Veterans Non-Profit Organization Cares and will be with them and a part of their healing process. We will distribute 50 Goody Boxes per month.

We will need Sponsors and Donations for this Cause. So donate today

We will need Sponsors and Donations for this Cause. So donate today.

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