Continuum of Care

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On January 22, 2018, there were 4,143 people experiencing homelessness in Houston/Harris, Fort Bend, & Montgomery Counties

 1,614 (39%) staying in a place not meant for human habitation

 2,529 (61%) staying in emergency shelters, transitional housing, or safe haven

  • 2018 PIT count represents:

 12% increase compared to 2017

 51% decrease since 2011

 18% unsheltered reported homelessness due to Hurricane Harvey

1 in 4 identified as experiencing chronic homelessness

  • No unsheltered & 9 sheltered families experiencing chronic homelessness identified
  • ~1 in 2 had mental health & substance abuse problems
  • ~1 in 7 was a Veteran – Veteran numbers at steady state level

–2/3 are in shelters


The 4 necessary parts of a continuum are:


  1. Outreach, intake and assessment in order to identify service and housing needs and provide a link to the appropriate level of both.
  2. Emergency shelter to provide and immediate and safe alternative to sleeping on the streets;
  3. Transitional housing with supportive services to allow for the development of skills that will be needed once permanently housed;
  4. Permanent housing and permanent supportive housing to provide individuals and families with an affordable place to live with services if needed.

1, 3 and 4 are addressed by existing social service agencies, but number 2–which would consist of immediate shelter for any homeless person who wants it–is missing. Preserve Vets Incorporated would fill that gap, as well as provide transportation to  mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation appointments as needed. The national to goal to end chronic homelessness will fail without consolidate services and immediate housing such as Preserve Vets Incorporated.

The advisory board of Preserve Vets Incorporated is committed to working within the existing framework of homeless services and filling the gaps, and we recognize that partnership and collaboration will be the framework for such success.


What benefits does Preserve Vets Incorporated provide for the community

  1. Provides a permanent solution for the chronically adult homeless which is not being addressed or serviced locally, while providing a place for the temporarily adult homeless to work their way back into the broader community.


  1. Services will be focused on citizens with ties to Harris County – all others will be wait–listed or denied so that locals receive services as first priority.


  1. Access to transportation or _____ ?? bus transportation


  1. Provides zero tolerance for Alcohol and Drugs use in facility


  1. Provides job readiness classes such as resume writing, dress for success, job prepping, work opportunities and screened labor force.


  1. Provides assistance with VA Benefits and State benefits.


  1. Provides assistance with VA Benefits and State benefits.


  1. Provides a model facility for others to follow to solve homeless problems by implementing some of our programs


  1. Provides resource education on permanent and supportive housing to facilitate independence and promote stability.


  1. Provides daily mentoring, aggressive outreach to veterans living on the streets


  1. Clinical assessment and referral for treatment of physical and psychiatric disorders, including substance abuse


  1. Long-term transitional residence assistance, case management and rehabilitation, Employment assistance and linkage with available income supports and permanent housing.
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